Letters of Liberty
                                                                                 Tough Choices  

                There are some imminent problems facing us today as a nation and we must make some tough decisions soon.  The first is our current and future elect officials need to begin to uphold your Constitution.  It contains all the tools necessary to repair our problems and eventually put us on the correct path.  Senators must put the needs of the existence of our union over their respective party’s needs and desires.  To accomplish these tasks, they must first set aside their respective platforms and agendas and work together to solve the pressing problems mentioned earlier.

                Together they must work on solving our national debt.  I laid out the national debt problem in a prior letter but now I will address a possible solution.  Since time is short and our total debt lies in three areas, I suggest we break the U.S. Senate into three groups of 33 senators. The three groups will be working on entitlement, discretionary, and defense spending.  Once each group has been assigned their task, then break that group down to 11 senators working shifts around the clock.  After the groups reach a conclusion to their debt assignment, then rotate the tasks to another group and let them reach an answer.  Once each group has reached their respective debt solution, all three branches of our national debt, the senate can come together end resolve these issues.  This will put our government on the correct path of reducing our debt, but it will not come without some initial resistance.

Cutting defense and certain discretionary spending will face little opposition, reducing entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, aid to the states, education, etc., will face more resistance  These will be the tough chooses that our senators must make even though it may affect their careers.  Reducing the debt is their Constitutional responsibility and they must do what is right for the union.  But do they have the character to confront these tasks, especially the entitlement path?  History has demonstrated our elected officials take the easy course and simply give a few heartfelt speeches on the subject, then move quickly away from any issue that may jeopardize their precious career.  If they continue to pass the problems on to future senators, they have put the union’s existence at risk.  It is your responsibility to remind them of their Constitutional responsibility to pay down the debt and remove them from office if they fail to comply with their required duties.

Let us look at the possible consequences if they act promptly on reducing entitlement spending or if they decide to postpone any changes to the current system.  Promptly addressing the problems with Social Security and Medicare, perhaps they can restructure them for future generations.  It must be recognized that any change to these entitlement programs, since they have not been monitored over the years, will be met with some resistance from the people. But, this will subside quickly as people realize the long term benefits out way the short term pain. If they fail to act promptly, we will face harsher decisions, possibly made in hast, to attempt to address the problems and appease the people.  As bankruptcy becomes a reality, our senators will make hasty decisions to keep us solvent.  Sadly, since they failed to address this problem years ago, the people will flock to the streets in far larger numbers and spanning a longer time expressing their discontent with their rash decision.  Hopefully they will act prudently on the entitlement crisis that their predecessors created and failed to monitor over time.

A few people will be making the decisions that will affect over 300 million people who will have very limited representation.  We have been down a similar path and it did not end well 240 years ago.