Letters of Liberty
                                                                              Spend and Tax  

                We live in an era where our government believes it has an exhaustible ability to spend and tax to produce the necessary revenue.  Our Founding Fathers warned that the federal government would be poor stewards of the people’s money but our current politicians believe otherwise.

                Having worked shifts for the last 15 years, I have been able to listen to the U.S. Senate debate periodically.  I have heard great speeches from both parties concerning not only the amount of spending, but also the debt the government has been accruing over time.  Noticing that when one party has the majority, it seems to have little problem spending to achieve its ambitions or goals, and the minority party warns of the growing national debt.

                Politicians from both major parties enjoy spending our money but they have no backbone when it comes to making the tough decisions concerning reducing the debt by cutting spending.  Although they could jointly make the tough decision the people expect from them, they also realize that it may shorten their political career. 

                I was looking at the U.S. Treasury website to determine which past presidents and congresses have paid down the debt when they were in office.  I was surprised to discover that the last year the total debt was paid down was 1957.  

                The legislative branch was given the “power of the purse”.  This branch thinks it means the unrestricted ability to spend our tax dollars, but when you think of a purse it is an instrument to keep your money.  Are we to trust our government to keep our hard earned tax money safe?  Is it not their responsibility to reduce the national debt mentioned in the people’s Constitution?  How are we going to reduce the debt?  These are questions I have been asked the most the last 6 months.

                Our elected officials must drastically reduce the size of our federal government.   The president recently called for the senate to reduce our deficit.  Constitutionally he was correct in directing the senate to address our growing debt.  Regrettably the senate voted against addressing this very important issue but then days later voted on another spending bill.  Both parties are culpable in respect to this massive debt and I will address in more detail later.  We the people also have to burden some of the responsibility.  We continually elect individuals to the federal government who may be great speakers and well educated: however, they are not qualified to handle the tough problems we currently are facing.  Both major political parties produce individuals who first follow their dreams, desires, and platform of their respective factious party. 

                When you take a closer look at our elected officials in the federal government we expect to see leaders in both the legislative and executive branches.  We are now finding politicians that are less concerned about their respective roles given the powers vested to each branch.  They are more possessed with promoting projects or legislation they believe is for the best interest of our country.  Sadly this has lowered them from a role of leadership to a group of individuals who need to sell us their beliefs rather than let us make our own decisions. 

                Remember I told you this is your government and your Constitution.  Mentioning the fact that this is your government and your Constitution repeatedly is not by accident.  It was stated numerous times in the Federalist Papers by three of the Founding Fathers.  Since they created a bottom up government system, they have given us a serious responsibility to elect government officials who can perform their job of upholding your Constitution and addressing the current problems we face.  Some of the question I have heard concern this very problem.  Which candidate should I vote for?  Why cannot the parties find suitable candidate?  When will we find good politicians again?

                I cannot tell you who to vote for as it is your individual responsibility to make that selection.  Addressing the question of why we continually see the same stereotype candidates, it is because the parties want to win and prefer to select individuals who meet their requirements to help them, not you, succeed.  Finding good politicians may become your responsibility to attain if you reject the ones the parties are currently putting before you.

                These may be the key reasons behind the growth of the “Tea Party”, which I shall discuss next.