Letters of Liberty
                                                                                    Our Total Debt  

                Our federal government has accrued debt over time and it comes from spending in several different areas.  This may be one of the reasons our elected officials seem to turn their heads the other direction when it comes to reducing our debt.  Some newer politicians do not want the responsibility of repairing damages made by their predecessors.  Other politicians have the ludicrous belief that spending more of the taxpayer’s money will somehow decrease the debt.

                Our total debt comes from several different areas of spending:

·         Defense of our country has now grown into two wars which have added to our debt.  Hopefully these wars will end soon and the amount of money used in battle will decrease if we either win or complete our mission through diplomatic means.

·         Discretionary spending on various programs, ranging from aid to government regulation of companies, businesses, organizations, environment, etc. adds to our debt.  Unfortunately these are very popular with our elected officials and they have little resolve to reduce or eliminate any or part of them.

·         Lastly, we have the entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. These programs were simple when first passed.  They have been amended making them fiscally irresponsible and difficult to function. Unfortunately these programs have not been monitored closely enough and are now closing in on insolvency.  Making adjustments to these programs, which may require more taxes or fewer benefits, is unpopular with our elected officials because it jeopardizes their chances of re-election.  This is commonly known in the inner circle of Washington as the “third rail.”  Regrettably they have failed to maintain these programs.  The books need to be open on these programs and be honest with the American people to help restore these programs or they will cease to exist.

                If we do not address the debt in short order our country will face bankruptcy.  What if the interest on our debt is more than we take in annually in tax revenue?  The consequences are insurmountable.  All government spending in all areas will cease.  No more Social Security, Medicare, welfare, unemployment insurance, education funding, money to states, etc.  The insurgency will come from all political factions, right and left.  Time is short….