Letters of Liberty

                As I mentioned earlier, there are many pressing issues facing our country yet none strikes me as more crucial than our debt. Our federal elected officials must address this in short order or we shall fail, and that would be tragic.

                We must elect officials to both branches of government who are willing and able to tackle this huge problem.  It will not be either popular or easy but it must be done.  There is no more time for blaming, pointing fingers, or not working together.  The American people will be observing closely and expecting results.  I hope and pray that they will join together and solve our tough problems, but I am a realist and have been watching their moves over the years and fear they will continue to hide behind “partisan politics.”

                What can we do if they fail to reduce our nation debt, refuse to cut government spending, and continue to add to the debt?  This is where your Constitution comes into aid the people.  Some of the Founding Fathers predicted that our future elected officials may become corrupt with power and damage our republic beyond repair by any elected federal official.  So, they place a key tool to restore our individual liberties and freedoms which are sliding away; however, they warned that this would not be a comfortable solution, but a just one.  They feared of a failed democracy, which is the path we are on, would become reality if we migrated away from our republic government in less than 100 years.  Since it started in the 1930’s, I suggest we have a short time left. 

                In Article V you will find the answer.  Remember our federal government is controlled by the states as I demonstrated earlier.  If our federal elected officials fail to act, then go to the states and demand a Constitutional convention.  When two-thirds of the states agree to convene a Constitutional convention, they will send two messengers, one to the House of Representatives and one to the Senate to inform them of their intent.

                Once the convention starts they will begin to look over our history to see what is wrong and what needs to be altered or amended.  From what I have studied there are several major changes that need to be made.  Most of the legislation passed in Washington hinges on Supreme Court rulings or interpretations of your Constitution by both the legislative and executive branches.  On the legislative side, there are two clauses that need to be removed.  The general welfare has shifted to an enumerated power, which it is not, so to prevent future unconstitutional legislation it must be removed.

                Understanding that removal of the ability to remove spending authority abruptly will cause a huge problem.  It must be removed over time to transition to a government that no longer provides money to projects, states, companies, businesses, etc.  The general welfare clause will be gone by 2030; however, the spending power must be reduced by 50% every 4 years until it is no longer necessary.  The states have the same time to once again become sovereign entities.  States have become financially dependent on the federal government’s spending.  As I mentioned in an earlier letter, we are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the federal government has only the states and its constituents as collateral.

                Next is the “elastic clause.”  The commerce clause’s true intent is to make trade regular between states, which the Founding Fathers believed would be the Achilles heel of commerce, fortunately it never materialized as a friction between states.  Today trade between states goes on almost unnoticed due to the good relationship between states.  The delegates would be pleased at how trade between the states flows seamlessly.  I believe the next change is to remove the federal government’s authority to regulate trade between states and limiting it to only regulating trade between our country and foreign nations.

                Our Founding Fathers feared a strong, powerful executive because with too much power and authority, a bad leader could cause problems through tragic legislation that may not be reversible.  They studied history consequently limiting power to the executive branch.  Slowly over time the executive branch, the president, has taken on more power.  This usually happens during a crisis i.e., wars, conflicts, or domestic emergencies.  Doesn’t the legislative branch posses these powers?  The answer is yes but the executive branch believes this process is to slow so the executive branch has expedited this process by simply issuing executive orders.  This is their intent to slow down the process of passing legislation.  Unfortunately this process has frustrated presidents so they decided to write “executive orders” which bypass the legislative process.  This is not in your Constitution so we need to add an amendment preventing executive orders in the future.

                Finally we have the Judicial Branch commonly referred to as the Supreme Court.  In the past, they have made both good and bad decisions concerning cases which relate to your Constitution.  At times they seem to decide cases not regarding your Constitution as a foundation.  They use it as a tool to achieve ideas from other countries and attempt to “update” it with the current times, events, or situation.  Not being a lawyer I shall restrain myself from passing final judgment on this branch.  However, there will be a case some to be heard by the Supreme Court, and that is the health care objected to by states.  It is a flagrant violation of your inalienable rights to liberty and since the Supreme Court took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, they should rule in favor of the states; however, the other two branches failed to follow the Constitution’s original intent as well.  If they fail to side with the states, then the Supreme Court must be restructured and I am looking for help on how best to address this situation.

                Finally, I hesitate to utilize Article V of the Constitution because it is a last resort, but I am grateful they included it your Constitution.  Both parties have become factious entities and have moved outside the sphere and thus no longer follow your Constitution.  I have heard some “constitutional candidates” speaking on television, but observing them in Washington they never seem to defend their principles on the floor of the House.  They “talk the talk” but fail to “walk the walk”.  It is imperative to find federal elected officials who have the backbone to follow the Constitution as interpreted by the Founding Fathers.

                Since all three branches currently seem to work together, where are the checks and balances?  How will our republic exist if the government continues to spend and not address the debt?  It is YOUR government and the people must take it back if necessary.  My hope is we elected leaders to the federal level because as James Madison once said “we may not have enlightened statesmen at the helm”.  Today there are none on board and you must change that, but if they do not come forth and we continue down this same course; remember you have Article V.  Someone asked an interesting question regarding this Article.  If another Constitutional convention is held and successful, what happens to the current federal elected and appointed officials?  All past and current federal officials must be removed from their respective position, never to enter again. They must be permanently removed from our country as they presence would be toxic to our new and fragile government.  New federal officials elected and appointed to the vacant positions and let them become familiar with the new constitution.  It will take time to adjust to a new constitution which happened during the first few congresses, but they will work it out.

                To our present elected officials you have time, but it is short.  Both parties have to come together for our republic to remain stable and operable.  Continually observe your elected and appointed officials and decide if they are concerned about their parties and agenda or the union.  I hope it will be the ladder, but I am a realist so I will begin to draft new constitutions for the states.