Letters of Liberty

                Although I will fail in my attempt to become U.S. Senator of the state of Pennsylvania in 2010, I have already succeeded by having the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking with many groups and individuals across this state.  I learned to be concise delivering my speeches and answers as I was only allotted small periods of time to convey my political position.  When an individual asked a Constitutional question, I answered it honestly and reminded them that it is THEIR Constitution.  When people heard me classify it as “their Constitution,” it became personal and they asked more questions.  As my time was always limited, due to other speakers or time constraints, I was not able to acknowledge everyone who had questions; therefore, I would like to recommend some books to aid you in understanding how our federal government is designed to operate.


By W. Skousen                                  This is the “Substance and Meaning of the Constitution” www.nccs.net


By Michael Meyerson                    I found this to be an excellent introduction to the next book.


By Alexander Hamilton,                These essays where written months after the new

John Jay, and                                     Constitution in 1787.  This is a difficult read, but

James Madison                                 your efforts will be rewarded with a first hand understanding of your Constitution and republic.

I would never have written these letters if our past and current appointed and elected federal officials adhered to this simple Constitution.  Sadly they have been chiseling away at the basic core principles laid out in the Federalist Papers.  Now our children, grandchildren, and those yet to be born will be saddle with a huge debt due to their malfeasance.  They are highly educated individuals with access to any documents they require; so ignorance is no excuse.